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Educational sites

Szprotawa Forest District can boast a variety of plant and animal species as well as many nature parks. Special educational sites have been designed to enable closer examination of this abundance and better understanding of the surrounding natural environment.

Szprotawa Forest District includes the following educational sites:

"Szlak Popielicy" (Edible Dormouse Trail) Educational Trail is located within "Buczyna Szprotawska" (The Beech Wood of Szprotawa) Nature Reserve where not only precious flora and fauna species, but also historic monuments and places of cultural interest can be admired. The places include a wooden shelter from 19th century, burial mounds dedicated to the late foresters and a stone signpost. Tourists who walk along the trail can admire old highland and lowland beech woods and come across one of the endangered species – Edible Dormouse.

There are 10 educational stops along the trail:

  • Start of the trail – young pine stand created by planting.
  • Fallen spruce stump.
  • Hay rack and salt-lick for deer.
  • Shady spruce forest.
  • Linden tree stand.
  • Canker on a 160-year-old beech.
  • "Alternation of generations" – natural restocking.
  • Commemorative burial mound from 19th century dedicated to a German Forest Inspector who managed town forests of Szprotawa.
  • Shelter – located next to a clump of monumental Larch, Weymouth Pine, Scots Pine and Beech trees. A burial mound from 19th century at the back, a commemorative stone founded on 50th anniversary of Polish forestry on the right side of the road.
  • Ancient forest with 160 to 190-year-old Beech trees.

The trail is about 2.2 km long.

Educational trail located within "Annabrzeskie Wąwozy" (Annabrzeskie Ravines) Nature Reserve is located in Małomice Sub-district and starts in the car park by the road from Zielona Góra to Wrocław.

Szprotawa Forest District has a number of dedicated stopping places for tourists walking along tourist and educational trails. They are located within "Buczyna Szprotawska" Nature Reserve and "Łabędzie Stawy" Area of Protected Ecology.

The Forest District runs its own nursery farm located in Krzywczyce, where lessons on origins of forests are held.
Other objects are also used for educational purposes. They include "Park Słowiański" (Slavic Park) Tourist and Educational Trail and "Wzgórza Bunkrowe" (Bunker Hills) Nature Sanctuary in Wiechlice.

"Park Słowiański" Trail is 6 km long and includes 21 educational stops, such as: Bóbr River; What is a natural monument?; Whip Alley; Wood Canker; The Castle of Chrobry; New Generation; Morphology of Graft Union; Temperate Deciduous Forest; Cavity-Nesting Birds; Polish "Liana" – Ivy; Old River Bed of Bóbr; Polish "Mangroves" – Willow Thickets; "Chorwackie" Quagmire; Forest on Water; What is land reclamation?; Bóbr Urstromtal; "Lagry" – curiosities of nature; Three worlds – field, meadow, forest; Ecological succession; Hunting – hay rack, salt-lick; Shady spruce forest and Heap of fallen Linden trees.

Educational sites are very popular with tourists who visit the District. By Jerzy Wilanowski

Tourists can enjoy a bonfire on a glade at the end of the trail. Guided tours are available upon request.
In the vicinity of over 750-year-old "Chrobry", the oldest Oak in Poland, visitors can enjoy tourist infrastructure that encourages them to learn more about this unique natural monument.

Learn more about "Chrobry".