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Szprotawa Forest District is located within 5th Silesian Forest Natural Area, in climatic region called the Land of Great Valleys. It is divided into two Sub-districts and 11 Forest Ranges. Szprotawa Forest District Inspectorate runs its own nursery farm and Animal Breeding Centre.


Małomice Sub-district includes the following Forest Ranges: Jelenin, Nowe Miasteczko, Długie, Witków, Stara Kopernia, Zagóra and Małomice. Szprotawa Sub-district includes the following Forest Ranges: Szprotawka, Krzywczyce, Śliwnik and Leszno Górne.

Szprotawa Forest District also includes three towns: Szprotawa, Małomice and Nowe Miasteczko. As part of Lower Silesian Wilderness Szprotawa Sub-district consists mainly of two large compact forest complexes (over 2000 ha) whereas Małomice Sub-district – more than 300 forest complexes.

It is fragmented into 106 forest complexes with area up to 1 ha, and 114 forest complexes with area from 1.01 ha to 5.00 ha.

Szprotawa Forest District includes two nature reserves – "Annabrzeskie Wąwozy" and "Buczyna Szprotawska", and in the town of Szprotawa – "Park Słowiański" Landscape-Nature Protected Complex.