Wydawca treści Wydawca treści

Species protection

Species protection applies to the most valuable, unique and rare flora and fauna species. In Poland there are 584 plant species, 90 fungus species and 732 animal species under strict species protection. 65% of wild flora and fauna species in Poland are forest species.

Szprotawa Forest District is rich in rare plant and animal species.

19 plant species are strictly protected species: Deer Fern, Stemless Carline Thistle, Mezereon, Bog-flowered Foxglove, Common Sundew, Marsh Labrador Tea, Stiff Clubmoss, Ostrich Fern, Royal Fern, Creeping Jenny, Broad-leaved Helleborine, Common Snowdrop, Marsh Gentian, Common Hepatica, Slender St John's Wort, Wolf's-foot Clubmoss, Common Polypody and European Yew (also included on the Polish Red List of Plants).

9 plant species are partly protected species: European Wild Ginger, Lily of the Valley, Common Ivy, Iceland Moss, Reindeer Lichen, Sweet Woodruff, Usnea Filipendula, Alder Buckthorn and Lesser Periwinkle. There are 201 protected species of animals within the area of Szprotawa Forest District, with 32 species included on the Polish Red List of Animals, namely 9 species of invertebrate, 8 species of fish, 1 species representing amphibians and reptiles, 9 species of birds and 4 species of mammals.

Szprotawa Forest District includes 3 bird sanctuaries established in the form of protective zones for White-tailed Eagle and Black Stork.

Lucanus Cervus is one of the protected species.By Henrik Larsson/Fotolia