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Forest Use

Forest use means making use of its resources – acquiring timber, harvesting fruits of the forest, plants and their parts for pharmaceutical industry, selling Christmas trees, mining and many others. Foresters provide the society with access to all those resources without endangering of their sustainability.

In recent years Szprotawa Forest District has been a source of 72 000 m3 of timber per year (on average), including about 40% obtained from felling works. The remaining amount is obtained from maintenance works that condition further growth and development of tree stands. The most common methods of acquisition are short wood system and logs making, which is justified by the current demand in the market.

Amounts of acquired timber depend on the scope of felling, maintenance and occasional works.
More than 70% of timber is obtained from coniferous trees (Pine) and the remaining part is obtained from broadleaf tress (Oak and Birch).

Szprotawa Forest District Inspectorate employs state-of-the-art machines for cutting and logging of trees – harvesters, forwarders and skidders. The machines are owned by enterprises – Forest Services performing works in forests. Yet, there are many areas where traditional working methods (using chainsaws and tractors) are most efficient and economical. Logging with the use of horses is employed in case of the most difficult conditions.
Apart from timber acquisition as part of forest management plans, Szprotawa Forest District Inspectorate also performs so-called auxiliary use, to meet the needs of local communities. It consists mainly of sale of Christmas trees and branches used for decoration.

Wild mushrooms are delicious examples of natural resources offered by Szprotawa Forest District. By Tomasz Nowak/Fotolia

Incidentally, upon obtaining proper permits, herbal resources, such as bark from Alder Buckthorn are also acquired.