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Areas of protected ecology

Areas of protected ecology are usually small – little ponds, woodlots, peat bogs, marshes and dunes. They are remains of ecosystems that enable preservation of biological diversity. Currently there are 9 000 areas of protected ecology all over the country with total area of almost 30 000 ha.

Szprotawa Forest District includes 3 areas of protected ecology covering total area of 45.74 ha. The areas are:

  • Sowie Bagno (Owl's Bog) – it is located in Małomice commune and forest range. It is a boggy land full of small ponds. The area is covered with bushes and trees, including such species as Oak, Hornbeam, Linden, Poplar and Willow. Interesting plant species, such as Hare's-tail Cottongrass, Common Cottongrass and Common Sundew can be found there.
  • Żurawie Bagno (Crane's Bog) – it is located in Małomice commune, in Śliwnik Forest Range. It is a bog with standing water – a habitat for wetland plants, breeding and living place of many species of birds and a hunting ground for White-tailed Eagle.
  • Łabędzie Stawy (Swan Ponds) – located in Małomice commune, Śliwnik Forest Range. The area includes an open space within a complex forest area with high plants typical of standing water. It is a breeding place and habitat of Crane, Mute Swan and other marshbirds as well as a hunting ground for White-tailed Eagle.

During early spring Swan Ponds look like a forest lake. By Jerzy Wilanowski